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(PHP 4 >= 4.1.0)

DomXsltStylesheet->result_dump_file Dumps the result from a XSLT-Transformation into a file


string DomXsltStylesheet::result_dump_file ( DomDocument $xmldoc , string $filename )

Since DomXsltStylesheet->process always returns a well-formed XML DomDocument, no matter what output method was declared in

and similar attributes/elements, it's of not much use, if you want to output HTML 4 or text data.

This function on the contrary honors

<xsl:output method="html|text">
and other output control directives. See the example for instruction on how to use it.


Beispiel #1 Saving the result of a XSLT transformation in a file

$xmldoc domxml_open_file("data.xml");
$xsldoc domxml_xslt_stylesheet_file($filename);
$result =  $xsldoc->process($xmldoc);

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