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(PHP 4 >= 4.1.0)

DomNode->node_name Returns name of node


string DomNode->node_name ( void )

Returns name of the node. The name has different meanings for the different types of nodes as illustrated in the following table.
Meaning of value
Type Meaning
DomAttribute value of attribute
DomCDataSection #cdata-section
DomComment #comment
DomDocument #document
DomDocumentType document type name
DomElement tag name
DomEntity name of entity
DomEntityReference name of entity reference
DomNotation notation name
DomProcessingInstruction target
DomText #text

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30.12.2002 19:33
Loop through children making sure that the children are not text nodes.

$moduleDoc = domxml_open_file("main_module_defs.xml");
$moduleDefinitionXPath = xpath_new_context($moduleDoc);
$dConvsNodeSet = xpath_eval($moduleDefinitionXPath, "//modules/module[@name='search']/dConvs");
$children = $dConvsNodeSet->nodeset[0]-> child_nodes();
$dTotal = count($children);
for ($i=0;$i<$dTotal;$i++){
    $curNode = $children[$i];
    if($curNode->node_name() != "#text"){
        echo "This are probably TextNodes...";    }


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