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(PHP 4 >= 4.1.0)

DomNode->node_type Returns type of node


int DomNode->node_type ( void )

Returns the type of the node. All possible types are listed in the table in the introduction.


include '';

$dom domxml_open_mem($xmlstr);

$chapter $dom->document_element();

// Let's see the elements contained in chapter
foreach($chapter->child_nodes() as $node) {
  if (
$node->node_type() == XML_ELEMENT_NODE) {
$node->node_name() . "\n";


Das oben gezeigte Beispiel erzeugt folgende Ausgabe:


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13.04.2008 13:14
node_type return one of the constants listed in the chapter "predefined constants"
wasti dot redl at gmx dot net
23.05.2005 10:40
That's not a parser issue, that's according to the DOM specification.

> Attr objects inherit the Node interface, but since they are not
> actually child nodes of the element they describe, the DOM does
> not consider them part of the document tree.

They are not child nodes, so they shouldn't be in the child_nodes collection.

17.06.2003 21:37
Doesn't pick up nodes of type XML_ATTRIBUTE_NODE (attributes)

Use DomNode->has_attributes() then DomNode->attributes() to retrieve a list (NameNodeMap object) of Attr objects for current node.

Is likely to be a parser issue, I'm using version 2.4.19-4 of libxml2.


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