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(PHP 4, PHP 5)



float acos ( float $arg )

Berechnet den Arkuskosinus des Parameters arg. acos() ist die Komplementärfunktion zu cos(), d.h. innerhalb des Wertebereichs von acos() gilt a==cos(acos(a)).



Der zu verarbeitende Wert


Der Arkuskosinus von arg in Bogenmaß

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anthony at interiorgoodsdirect dot com
5.12.2007 14:28
To calculate an angle from a triangle's sides.

Use the 'law of cosines' :

//        a²+b²-c²           
// cosC = --------
//           2ab

function calculateAngle($c,$a,$b)
$angleInRadians=acos((pow($a,2) + pow($b,2) - pow($c,2)) / (2 * $a * $b));

$a, $b, $c are the triangle sides.

The function returns the angle opposite side c, in degrees.
zoltan dot szentesi at nokia dot com
6.08.2006 12:29
Wondering what is the use of 'acos' function?

It is essential in games, animations and drawings to determine the location of two objects relating to each other.

To the point: the angle of two vectors is calculated by

           v1X*v2X + v1Y*v2Y
  acos(--------------------------)=angle between two vectors.
               |v1| * |v2|

 |v1| and |v2| are the length of the vectors and calculated using Pithagoras-formula: |v1|=sqrt(v1X*v1X + v1Y*v1Y)

This helped me to calculate and share given space for 'n' amount of objects so that they don't overlap.

Enjoy! :-)

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