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GNU Privacy Guard

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GnuPG Funktionen


This extension makes use of the keyring of the current user. This keyring is normally located in ~./.gnupg/. To specify a custom location, store the path to the keyring in the environment variable GNUPGHOME. See putenv for more information how to do this.

Some functions require the specification of a key. This specification can be anything that refers to a unique key (userid, key-id, fingerprint, ...). This documentation uses the fingerprint in all examples.


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There's a function/method missing in the list.


(no version information, might be only in CVS)

gnupg_deletekey -- Delete a key


bool gnupg_deletekey ( resource identifier, string key, [bool allowsecret]  )

Deletes the key from the keyring. If allowsecret is not set or FALSE it will fail on deleting secret keys.

Return Values

On success, this function returns TRUE. On failure, this function returns FALSE.


Example 1. Procedural gnupg_deletekey() example

= gnupg_init();

Example 2. OO gnupg_deletekey() example
= new gnupg();
$gpg -> deletekey("8660281B6051D071D94B5B230549F9DC851566DC");

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