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(PECL pecl_http >= 0.21.0)

http_build_urlBuild a URL


string http_build_url ([ mixed $url [, mixed $parts [, int $flags = HTTP_URL_REPLACE [, array &$new_url ]]]] )

Build a URL.

The parts of the second URL will be merged into the first according to the flags argument.



(part(s) of) an URL in form of a string or associative array like parse_url() returns


same as the first argument


a bitmask of binary or'ed HTTP_URL constants; HTTP_URL_REPLACE is the default


if set, it will be filled with the parts of the composed url like parse_url() would return


Returns the new URL as string on successIm Fehlerfall wird FALSE zurückgegeben..


Beispiel #1 A http_build_url() example

echo http_build_url("",
"scheme" => "ftp",
"host" => "",
"path" => "files/current/",
"query" => "a=c"

Das oben gezeigte Beispiel erzeugt folgende Ausgabe:

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Ant P.
9.06.2010 18:58
This function has a useful undocumented feature - the defaults are set in such a way that calling it with no parameters returns the full URL of the page being accessed.
tycoonmaster at gmail dot com
21.02.2010 8:55
If you are looking for a PHP Version of this function, follow the link below:

Note: I would have added the function here, but I just couldn't get it past the line restrictions without making it impossible to read.


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