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GeoIP Funktionen




(PECL geoip >= 1.0.2)

geoip_isp_by_nameGet the Internet Service Provider (ISP) name


string geoip_isp_by_name ( string $hostname )

The geoip_isp_by_name() function will return the name of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) that an IP is assigned to.

This function is currently only available to users who have bought a commercial GeoIP ISP Edition. A warning will be issued if the proper database cannot be located.



The hostname or IP address.


Returns the ISP name on success, or FALSE if the address cannot be found in the database.


Beispiel #1 A geoip_isp_by_name() example

This will print the ISP name of host

if (
$isp) {
'This host IP is from ISP: ' $isp;

Das oben gezeigte Beispiel erzeugt folgende Ausgabe:

This host IP is from ISP: ICANN c/o Internet Assigned Numbers Authority

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