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(PECL geoip >= 1.0.3)

geoip_continent_code_by_nameGet the two letter continent code


string geoip_continent_code_by_name ( string $hostname )

The geoip_continent_code_by_name() function will return the two letter continent code corresponding to a hostname or an IP address.



The hostname or IP address whose location is to be looked-up.


Returns the two letter continent code on success, or FALSE if the address cannot be found in the database.


Beispiel #1 A geoip_continent_code_by_name() example

This will print where the host is located.

if (
$continent) {
'This host is located in: ' $continent;

Das oben gezeigte Beispiel erzeugt folgende Ausgabe:

 This host is located in: NA

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fabien dot snauwaert at gmail dot com
19.01.2010 1:40
The return values are not really documented anywhere in a straight-forward fashion.

The best I could find is a list of all countries and their associated continent codes, here:

Leaving us with 7 possible continents:

AS for Asia
EU for Europe
SA for South America
AF for Africa
AN for µAntartica
OC for Oceania
NA for North America

As mentioned above, if the host/IP is not found in the database, the function returns FALSE.

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