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(PHP 4, PHP 5)

ftp_systypeGibt den Systemtyp des entfernten FTP-Servers zurück


string ftp_systype ( resource $ftp_stream )

Gibt den Systemtyp zurück des entfernten FTP-Servers zurück.



Der Verbindungshandler der FTP-Verbindung.


Returns the remote system type, or FALSE on error.


Beispiel #1 ftp_systype()-Beispiel


// Verbindung aufbauen
$ftp ftp_connect('');

// Systemtyp abfragen
if ($type ftp_systype($ftp)) {
" ist vom Typ $type\n";
} else {
"Konnte den Systemtyp nicht bestimmen";


Das oben gezeigte Beispiel erzeugt eine ähnliche Ausgabe wie: ist vom Typ UNIX

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jgbreezer at NOSPAM dot gmail dot com
7.04.2008 13:21
ftp_systype does NOT appear to be a reliable way to detect whether it is connected, as at least for a local network connection I have here to a Windows ftp server, it can succeed without a working connection (is it cached?). Don't know if this is specific to our ftp server - perhaps it doesn't behave well when it times out links.
Buckwheat469 at hotmail dot com
26.07.2006 18:41
ftp_systype can be a good way of checking the state of a connection, since PHP doesn't have a better system to check the state of an ftp connection (is_connected would be nice).

if (!($type = ftp_systype($conn_id))) {
    echo "FTP connection has failed! Trying again.\n";
    $conn_id = ftp_connect($ftp_server);
    $login_result = ftp_login($conn_id, $ftp_user, $ftp_pass);

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