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Cubrid Funktionen




(PECL CUBRID >= 8.3.0)

cubrid_num_rowsIs used to get the number of rows


int cubrid_num_rows ( resource $req_identifier )

The cubrid_num_rows() function is used to get the number of rows from the query result. You can use it only when the query executed is a select sentence. When you want to know such value for INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE query, you have to use the cubrid_affected_rows() function.

Note: The cubrid_num_rows() function can only be used for synchronous query; it returns 0 when it is used for asynchronous query.



Request identifier.


Number of rows, when process is successful.

0 when the query was done in async mode.

-1, if SQL sentence is not SELECT.


Beispiel #1 cubrid_num_rows() example

cubrid_execute ($con"select * from member");
if (
$req) {
$rows_count cubrid_num_rows ($req);
$cols_count cubrid_num_cols ($req);
"result set rows count : $rows\n";
"result set columns count : $cols\n";
cubrid_close_request ($req);

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