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Cubrid Funktionen




(PECL CUBRID >= 8.3.0)

cubrid_error_msgIs used to get the error message


string cubrid_error_msg ( void )

The cubrid_error_msg() function is used to get the error message that occurred during the use of CUBRID API. Usually, it gets error message when API returns false as its return value.


Diese Funktion hat keine Parameter.


Error message that occurred.


Beispiel #1 cubrid_error_msg() example

cubrid_execute ($con"select id, name from person");
if (
$req) {
  while (list (
$id$name) = cubrid_fetch($req)) 
} else {
"Error Code: "cubrid_error_code ();
"Error Facility: "cubrid_error_code_facility ();
"Error Message: "cubrid_error_msg ();

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