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(PHP 4, PHP 5)

hebrevKonvertiert logischen hebräischen Text in sichtbaren Text


string hebrev ( string $hebrew_text [, int $max_chars_per_line = 0 ] )

Konvertiert logischen hebräischen Text in sichtbaren Text.

Die Funktion versucht, Umbrüche in Wörtern zu vermeiden.



Eine hebräische Eingabezeichenkette.


Der optionale Parameter gibt die maximale Zeichenanzahl pro Ausgabe-Zeile an.


Gibt eine sichtbare Zeichenkette zurück.

Siehe auch

  • hebrevc() - Konvertiert (natürlichen) hebräischen Text in sichtbaren Text inkl. Anpassung von Zeilenumbrüchen

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4.04.2009 13:25
udioron - exactly right. That reversed the string.
Thank you.
udioron at geeee mmmaaaaiiillll dotcom
2.01.2009 2:14
This might work for unicode strings:

= iconv("ISO-8859-8", "UTF-8", hebrev(iconv("UTF-8", "ISO-8859-8", $s)));

socket at quotez dot org
29.04.2008 21:58
hebrev/hebrevc does not support unicode strings.

when using the GD lib and imagettftext() with hebrew text you must reverse the chars before sending it to the function.

so there is a need for hebrev/c with unicode support.
nis at superlativ dot dk
4.12.2006 21:34
In response to the user talking of "characters in the range of ASCII 224-251". These codes are not defined in ASCII. You are probably talking about one of the extensions to ASCII, probably ISO-8859-8
14.12.2004 12:46
From my experience in using hebrev text in HTML, I prefer using
<html dir="rtl" lang="he">

over mentioned PHP functions. It works perfectly with IE 6 ... needs some tweaking in Mozilla though.

I found this site useful.
socket at linuxloony dot net
3.04.2004 16:17
The hebrev function changes the string order to RTL.
Use fribidi_log2vis insted if you need LTR text direction
$text = fribidi_log2vis($text,FRIBIDI_LTR, FRIBIDI_CHARSET_CP1255)
php2eran at tromer dot org
2.06.2001 1:35
As of PHP 4.05 there's a problem in the handling of the characters '{}[]<>' compared to MSIE. Note that normal parenthesis '()' are OK.

For further information see .
zak at php dot net
9.01.2001 12:39
hebrev() changes the flow of any Hebrew characters in a string from right-to-left to left-to-right.

It only affects characters within the range of ASCII 224-251 (except for punctuation).

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