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(PHP >= 5.3.0)

gethostnameGets the host name


string gethostname ( void )

gethostname() gets the standard host name for the local machine.


Returns a string with the hostname on success, otherwise FALSE is returned.


Beispiel #1 A simple gethostname() example

echo gethostname(); // may output e.g,: sandie

// Or, an option that also works before PHP 5.3
echo php_uname('n'); // may output e.g,: sandie

Siehe auch

  • gethostbyname() - Ermittelt die zum angegebenen Internet-Hostnamen passende IPv4-Adresse
  • gethostbyaddr() - Ermittelt den zur angegebenen IP-Adresse passenden Internet-Hostnamen
  • php_uname() - Returns information about the operating system PHP is running on

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31.03.2010 10:55
You can use php_uname("n") in Windows to return the host name. You may have worked this out already but it took my a blinkin age!
will dot knauss at gmail dot com
4.03.2010 1:43
It looks like this function isn't available on windows.
Here is my code:
= gethostname();
IF (
$var===FALSE) {
"The function ran but no results were returned!";
"The function returned a value\n\r";
I received  an error:
"Fatal error: Call to undefined function gethostname() "

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