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Document Object Model




The DOMNamedNodeMap class


DOMNamedNodeMap {
/* Eigenschaften */
/* Methoden */
DOMNode getNamedItem ( string $name )
DOMNode getNamedItemNS ( string $namespaceURI , string $localName )
DOMNode item ( int $index )


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kendsnyder at gmail dot com
29.10.2009 16:55
To add to xafford's comment. When iterating a named node map collection using ->item() or using foreach, removing a attribute with DOMNode->removeAttribute() or DOMNode->removeAttributeNode() alters the collection as if it were a stack. To illustrate, the code below tries to remove all attributes from each element but only removes the first. One work around is to copy the named node map into an array before removing attributes. Using PHP 5.2.9 on Windows XP.

$html  = '<h1 id="h1test" class="h1test">Heading</h1>';
$html .= '<p align="left" class="ptest">Hello World</p>';

$doc = new DOMDocument();

// remove attributes from  the h1 element
$h1 = $doc->getElementsByTagName('h1')->item(0);
$length = $h1->attributes->length;
for (
$i = 0; $i < $length; ++$i) {
$name = $h1->attributes->item($i)->name;
"h1: removed attribute `$name`<br>";
// remove attributes from the p element
$p = $doc->getElementsByTagName('p')->item(0);
foreach (
$p->attributes as $name => $attrNode) {
"p: removed attribute `$name`<br>";


h1: removed attribute `id`

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in nodemap.php on line 13
h1: removed attribute ``
p: removed attribute `align`
15.10.2009 12:16
I stumbled upon a problem with DOMNamedNodeMap. If you iterate over a DOMNamedNodeMap, representing the attributes of a DOMElement with foreach and you use DOMElement::removeAttributeNode only the first attribute will be handled.

Example (not complete):


 * Imagine you got a node like this:
 * <a onclick="alert('evil')" href="">evil</a>
 * and onclick should be removed, href would not be tested.

foreach ( $node->attributes as $attribute )

'checking attribute ', $attribute->name, '<br />';

    if ( !
in_array ( $attribute->name, $allowed_attributes ) )
$node->removeAttributeNode ( $attribute );



The output would be:

checking attribute onclick
jtaal at eljakim dot nl
18.08.2008 15:14
You can iterate over an instance of DOMNamedNodeMap:
// suppose $node is a valid DOMElement object
// $node->attributes will be NULL or a valid DOMNamedNodeMap object
foreach ($node->attributes as $attrName => $attrNode) {

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