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Ein Service von Reinhard Neidl - Webprogrammierung.

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Cyrus IMAP administration

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baldur [at] baldur [dot] biz
2.03.2009 23:05
If you have problems using this package you might want to take a look at web-cyradmin ( It has a PHP class called cyradm located in the lib/ folder that has methods for most or all functions you might need to perform in cyrus. (Version of web-cyradmin is 0.5.4 as of writing). Example:


$GLOBAL['CYRUS']['HOST'] = "localhost"; // or wherever you keep your cyrus server
$GLOBAL['CYRUS']['PORT'] = 143; // or the port you use for IMAP traffic
$GLOBAL['CYRUS']['ADMIN'] = "cyrus"; // the cyrus admin
$GLOBAL['CYRUS']['PASS'] = "secret"; // password for admin

$cyradm = new cyradm();

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