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Die SimpleXML-Extension bietet ein besonders einfaches und leicht zu handhabendes Toolset, um XML in ein Objekt zu konvertieren, das mit normalen Eigenschafts-Selektoren und Array-Iteratoren bearbeitet werden kann.

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25.03.2009 0:09
SimpleXML has a beautiful simplicity. The following is one example of how it may be used with namespaces. 

Note, I use the XML that made Paul Reinheimer experience hair loss; for that XML see,-Namespaces-Hair-loss.html

= new DOMDocument();                
$dom->loadXML( $response );               

'Ebay Timestamp ',$sxe->Timestamp;  

Running the above code left my own hair uneffected. :)
alvaro at demogracia dot com
30.09.2008 10:30
SimpleXML is simple, unless your XML document has namespaces (e.g., tags withs "colons" like <rs:data>). In this case, most code examples in this section will not work at all: namespaces imply that you need to do further processing with functions that are often undocumented.

Look for "namespace" in user notes.

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