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(PHP 5)

variant_set_typeConvert a variant into another type "in-place"


void variant_set_type ( variant $variant , int $type )

This function is similar to variant_cast() except that the variant is modified "in-place"; no new variant is created. The parameters for this function have identical meaning to those of variant_cast().



The variant.



Es wird kein Wert zurückgegeben.

Siehe auch

  • variant_cast() - Convert a variant into a new variant object of another type

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martin at itmission dot com
22.05.2009 19:55
In my application I was using ADODB to retrieve data from Microsoft Access.  During queries, fields defined as "Date/Time" in Access were being returned to PHP as instances of the Variant class.

For some reason, the variant_date_to_timestamp function returned incorrect timestamps.  As a workaround, I used variant_set_type($variant, VT_BSTR) to get a string representation of the date.  This can be used for most variant types PHP doesn't handle.

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